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How to Donate

Throughout the year, we place a container at the library entrance in which people can place books and media items that they wish to donate. A notice above the container indicates our preferences for donations. These are based on many years of experience that tell us what kinds of items we are most likely to sell.


All donations should be in good sellable condition. Please do not donate worn, yellowed, ripped, scratched, or soiled items.

We accept:

  • Newer and popular adult fiction

  • Classic adult fiction

  • Children’s books

  • Nonfiction books

  • Music CDs and audiobooks

  • Jigsaw puzzles


Note that we do not accept encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, magazines, or VHS tapes.

McCaffrey’s Receipts

Save your McCaffrey's supermarket receipts and place them in the small basket on the wall as you enter the library.


Each month McCaffrey's gives the Friends a percentage of the total of these receipts.  We can use receipts for the past 2 months.

Example: When we submit in the beginning of November, we can use September and October receipts.

Thanks for participating and thanks to McCaffrey's for its generosity!

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